Director & Producer - Michael Burns is a student in the UK and the producer/director of the film Third Party. He hopes to some day live in a country where Paul Robeson, Harvey Milk, and Eleanor Roosevelt are as commonly known as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln. His work on this film is dedicated to the courageous men and women serving in the US armed forces. May all of these heroes come home safely with lessons to teach the rest of us. For more on Michael's work see

Editor & Assistant Producer - Greg Ansin is owner and operator of MonkeyRay Productions LLC. He is a Boston native and believes that the people of United States are intelligent and compassionate but need to understand what our government is about and its goals and how that affects us. He hopes this film will get people thinking and dicussing these issues and not be silent.
Director of Photgraphy - Michael Neel's camerawork has been seen on NBC, CNN, and FX, and he has worked on numerous independent documentaries, narrative, stop-motion animation, and experiemental films. He is excited to work on a project that examines issues that are so vital to people throughout the world while it pushes the creative boundaries of documentary filmmaking. He hopes this film can make people passionate about the role our government plays in world affairs.
Camera & Production - Ethan Oyer is a California native living in the Boston area since 1999. He believes that all Americans should have the opportunity to make informed decisions at the ballot box, and the best way to accomplish this is with compelling documentary. His involvement in Preventive Warriors has given him a better understanding of United States foreign policy and hopes this film does the same for all its viewers.
Production - Jarrett Beeley is a co-founding member of PirateVision Productions and has thoroughly enjoyed his time working on Preventive Warriors and hopes that it's message has an impact on people. He has also worked on a number of projects including features, music video, and art house video pieces. He currently resides in the greater Boston area and supports his beloved Red Sox like a fevered addiction.
Camera & Production - Timothy C. Baker studied at Vassar College and the University of Edinburgh and now works in retail. A founding member of PirateVision Productions, he has been making a nuisance of himself in the film world for ten years and in the political world for twenty.
III Kings - is a musical venture that was organized by three artists that came together to create a new hybrid of music: a combination of world rhythms and roots reggae with a hip-hop influence.  This rhythmic expression combines live acoustic guitars, surfacing bass lines, and worldly percussion, while delivering a message of unity and self worth. Visit their web site


Producer, Director: Michael Burns
Editor, Assistant Producer: Greg Ansin
Director of Photography: Michael Neel
Music: III Kings, Jim Matus, Greg Ansin
Production Assistance: Dave Nath, Jarrett Bealey, Daria Matza
Additional Camera: Greg Ansin, Dave Nath, Timothy Baker, Michael Burns, Ethan Oyer, Matt Ryan


With in-depth interviews with:

Tariq Ali
Anthony Arnove
Phyllis Bennis
Noam Chomsky
Phil Donahue
Chalmers Johnson
Michael Klare
Mark Lance
Seth Liebsohn
Rahul Mahajan
Cliff May

Maria Ryan

Background information: Mark Crispin Miller, Dennis Plane, Rania Misri, and Colleen Callahan

Special Thanks: Briney Dillon, the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Mark LaValle @ Midnight Oil Company, Bev Stohl, Verso Books, Z Magazine, Steve Sapienza and Azimuth Media.

Website : Greg Ansin and Micheal Burns

Photograph top Michael Neel © 2004
Bio Photograph of Michael Burns by Hui Miao © 2004
Bio Photograph of Greg by Leonora Calderon © 2004
Bio Photograph of Michael Neel and Jay by Greg Ansin © 20004
Bio Photograph of Tim by Michael Neel © 2004
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